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As the UK's leading forms provider and a NALS Recognised Supplier, Oyez Forms offer you complete peace of mind.

Trusted by legal and property firms throughout the UK, our Assured Letting Forms range provides all of the documents, that a professional agency requires to complete secure, legally compliant lettings. To ensure this compliance, every one of our forms, guides and glossaries are kept up-to-date by an experienced legal editorial team. Our customers receive timely updates whenever there are changes to the law, or best practice, to ensure they are aware of, and understand, the
revised legislation.

The forms are easily accessible 24/7 via Oyez Docs, our cloud-based document holding site.

Designed specifically for Letting Agents

  • Bespoke terms and clauses can be added as required
  • Agreement forms that link to each Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Helpful guidance on how each form can be used

Easy-to-use, flexible Word format

  • Fill-in and print forms on your PC
  • Easy to add your firm’s logo and personalisation
  • Expandable fields hold unlimited quantity of information
  • Documents can be shared with clients for fast completion and return
  • No installations required
  • Forms available online 24/7

Automatic Updates Ensure Compliance

  • Forms revised, as required, by our professional legal editorial team
  • Timely notification emails advise you of any legal regulation changes
  • Oyez Forms is the most widely recognised and trusted legal forms and document provider

It's easy to find the Assured Letting Form that you require:

Prior to tenancy ( + show details )

  • GUIDE 1 – Reference Letters
  • Reference Request from Previous Landlord
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Employers Reference Letter

Agreements ( + show details )

  • GUIDE 2 – AST Forms with deposit combined
  • AGREE21 AST Form with deposit combined - My deposit
  • AGREE22 AST form with deposit combined – TDS
  • AGREE23 AST Form with deposit combined - Deposit Protection Service
  • GUIDE 3 – Residential tenancy forms – student / resident landlord
  • AGREE6 Tenancy agreement resident landlord
  • AGREE7 Student let on an assured shorthold tenancy
  • GUIDE 4 – Commercial tenancy agreements
  • AGREE3A Agreement for letting offices to tenant
  • AGREE3H Agreement for letting unfurnished premises to tenant who is a company
  • AGREE3SR Agreement for letting a shop
  • GUIDE 5 – Miscellaneous and associated tenancy forms
  • AGREE2D Agreement for letting furnished house or flat for holiday
  • AGREE4 Agreement for letting garage premises
  • AGREE5 Agreement for letting a car parking space
  • L&TPYD Protecting your deposit
  • RG Rent guarantee

Moving in ( + show details )

  • POR Direct debit and standing order Instruction
  • INVEN Inventory form
  • L&TCPS Condition of property
  • LET11 Notification of new tenant for council tax
  • L&TCPS Condition of property

During the tenancy ( + show details )

  • GUIDE 7 - During the Tenancy
  • HA33B Notice proposing new rent under assured periodic tenancy
  • RR50 Notice to tenant of assignment of landlords interest
  • LET8 Letter to tenant informing of a new landlord
  • L&T70 Notification of landlords address for service
  • PET Pet agreement letter
  • LET5 Letter to tenant re antisocial behaviour
  • LET7 Letter to tenant re noise
  • LET10 Property visit notice to the tenant
  • LET6 Letter to tenant re damage

Ending the tenancy ( + show details )

  • HA21 Section 21(1)(b) Notice requiring possession fixed term tenancy
  • HA21A Section 21(4)(a) Notice requiring possession periodic tenancy
  • HA32 s 8 Notice seeking possession of a property let on an assured tenancy or an assured agricultural occupancy
  • LET9 Letter to tenant serving a Section 8 Notice
  • HA23 Notice of holiday accommodation recovery of possession of dwelling house let on assured tenancy
  • HA22 Notice of occupation as home recovery of possession of dwellinghouse Let on assured tenancy
  • HA24 Notice of Student Letting Recovery of Possession on Assured Tenancy
  • APN Abandoned Property Notice
  • DEED1 Deed of Surrender
  • L&T61 Notice to quit
  • LET1 First letter to tenant re; rent arrears
  • LET2 Second letter to tenant re; rent arrears
  • LET3 Third letter to tenant re; rent arrears
  • LET4 Final letter to tenant re; rent arrears